Q: Is CERATI G producer?

A: Yes. CERATI G is producer of all the products in catalogue . We have a production capacity of 120ton per month and a control of our professional team on all the goods that we delivery . For this reason we can give CERTIFICATION OF ORIGIN and all the Declarations for export . Compliance to all the last European directive , Reach and RoHS

Q: What is the durability of  Bindingtube CERATI in the field ?

A: Bindingtube CERATI can garantee the ties on the tree for more than 6 years. 

Q: Is bindingtube CERATI Sunproof  and antifreezing?

A: Yes. Bindingtube CERATI is produced with special mix that make it sunproof ( become soft ) to temperature of 50° celsius ( 122° fahrenheit ) .  Antifreezing to temperature of -30° celsius ( -20° fahrenheit ) This means that we can guarantee the tie will work well and mantain its stretch and elasticity . 

Q: Must I use  different size of binding tube for different size of tree?

A: Yes . Every size of tree and culture have a different requirement of binding tube to garantee good results.  Call or email us for instruction .

Q: What is the right way to use Gomitolo CERATI?

A: The right way to use Gomitolo CERATI is unroll the tube from inside.  If wire is not outside open the clip on the top and take out the tube.

Q: In which kind of sector is suggested use bindingtube CERATI?

A: Every sector that need a ties for support . Tree-nursery / Fruit Orchard / Vineyard / DIY  . call us or e.mail us for have instruction to which type of packing and size fit to your culture . 

Q: Is binding tube Cerati a tree tie that will be flexible, stretch and grow with the tree?

A: Yes. The binding tube stretches as the tree grows ,and has an elastic property of 200% . It is flexible and does not contain iron ( will not rust )  . With this special performance the tube does not ingrow into the cortex, leaving an unaesthetic scar on the tree trunk. Especially important that the tube does not cut into the lymphatic vessel of fruit trees or grape vines vineyard.